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OKC Lan Party is currently being held at
Shepherd Mall in Oklahoma City

Directions :

      The easiest way to get to the Shepard Mall is from I-44.  Exit I-44 at NW 23rd and head east until you see the mall.  It kinda stands out between Villa and Penn, you can't miss it.... It is after all a mall.  The outside entrance to our room is located approximately where you see the red arrow on the map.  Tucked away nicely in the corner on the northeast side of the building.  It's the second room on the right in the north wing (counting from the corner to the end of the wing).  We will have a sign outside viewable from the parking lot.

Come to the door first to check in.  There will be someone there to greet you and fill you in on any other instructions if neccessary.

Pre Register : Don't forget to pre-register and reserve your seat today.

Photograghs : Pictures of our current location coming soon !!

Maps : (click for larger image)

Take I-44 to NW 23rd Shepard Mall is on NW 23rd between Villa and Penn We are in the NE corner, Look for the sign

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