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PC Setup

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What To Bring With You

  • Your computer (monitor and all cables needed)
  • Powerstrip (optional but handy)
  • $10 for the enterance fee (add $5 for Pizza)
  • Headphones (no speakers please)
  • 10 BaseT Ethernet network card
    (Ethernet cable will be supplied by the OLP)

Games Commonly Played
(We will provide the network, but you must provide your own games)

  • BattleField 1942
  • Unreal Tournament 2003
  • Many other games and demos are played but these are the most common at the moment

Your PC must have the following set.

  • Please turn off all proxy (eg. WinGate, Sygate, WinProxy) and DHCP software (anything that might hand out IP addresses) before connecting to our LAN. If unsure ASK, because it can bring the network then everyone will hate you!
  • TCP/IP installed with DHCP enabled

Please contact Timberwolf if you have any questions or need assistance

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